Scientific project – abstract

This blog aims to report on the progress of the ProVirCap research project funded by the French National Research Agency-ANR (2021-2025). While most studies focus on CSR discourse and devices, this project offers an innovative take on « responsible capitalism », by placing the lens on its managers, their work activities and their professional environments.

Carried out by a team of nine scholars renowned for their expertise on various management fields associated with CSR, the ProVirCap research will benefit from the cross-fertilization of several analytical perspectives: sociology of work, professions and organizations, economic sociology, political science, management studies, as well as gender studies. The research design combines qualitative (in-depth interviews, observations) and quantitative methods (CV scraping, questionnaire survey), and relies on a double comparison: between management fields associated with CSR (sustainable development, responsible investment, diversity and work quality, human rights, corporate giving, ethics) and between national cases (France, USA, Spain). The close dialogue with an international, interdisciplinary expert committee will anchor the project in a transnational field of research on responsible capitalism.

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Laure Bereni (2021, 7 juin). Scientific project – abstract. Professionnel·les de la RSE / CSR professionals. Consulté le 24 juin 2024, à l’adresse

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